Fill out the questionnaire below for us to determine your individual needs and circumstances regarding acquiring your Visa. Please only use the most accurate and current information, as this may be used in the processing of your Visa application. Understand that the Migration Act states that it is an offense to provide inaccurate, false, or misleading information to the Department of Home Affairs.

MIGRATION AGENTS REGULATIONS 1998 contains the specific code of conduct which prohibits any registered migration agent in Australia from sharing any of your information. One Migration and Education delivers high-quality, personalized, and caring service under the following terms and conditions. Any information used from this website or purchasing our services is based on a state of the acceptance of the following terms and conditions.

Any individual who would like to take the role of a migration agent must fully register with the MARA, or Migration Agents Registration Authority. This is the self-regulatory body of the MARA.

Each of our professional agents is registered professionally with MARA, and this gives us the sound authority to assist our clients with immigration advice relevant to our country. One Migration and Education operates under the Code of Conduct for MARA agents, which adheres us to the utmost in professional conduct with each one of our clients.

Below you will find the Information on the Regulation of the Migration Advice Profession, and you must acknowledge you have had access to and have read the document in full before any payment is made to One World Migration and Education.

Our service is unparalleled to any other concerning personalization, professionalism, and the visa process. Concise information and instructions are required to be provided by the client to receive the precise benefits of our services. Our migration agents must know exactly what you need and require for your unique migration purpose to deliver the best services to you. We do not accept any unethical or illegal instructions from our clients.

Our migration services are catered to meet your needs. We also offer advice and support about business, investments, and education; however, our specialty is migration and the appropriate Visa you would like to attain relevant to your needs. All other advice is strictly general information to help you in these other areas.

One World Migration and Education offers free assessment for determining the Visa to suit your situation. We will also give you information on the Visa eligibility criteria needed to secure the Visa of your choice.

Payments are required for the migration services rendered to the clients. The client must agree formally to the service fee before any of the assistance is commenced.  All the service fees are paid to One World Migration and Education and are held in client trust account. These subject to be withdrawn  only up on the culmination of the services. All the fees are also subject to disbursements fees (paid on client’s behalf) for example application fees to the government, English testing, assessments of skills and medical assessments, and any other fees that are related to the migration process.

One World Migration and Education is your premier solution for migration advice, and our agents strive to handle every case with diligence and professionalism. We guarantee to do everything ethically and soundly possible to give you the satisfaction you desire. We also guarantee to be entirely reasonable and competitive to the success of your unique situation.

One World Migration and Education will not be held responsible for any changes in government legislation or policy which is not made public at the time of your service, or which occurs after service is agreed to be provided by us. Any such policy changes may affect the application process and fees. The accuracy of the migration advice and visa process is solely dependent on the information provide to us by the client. We are not  responsible for misguided or bogus information submitted to Department of Home affairs on behalf of the client which was facilitated by the client.

One World Migration and Education is not affiliated with the government of Australia and has no control over the outcome of the visa applications . All Visa applications are given an outcome by the Department of Home affairs

For One Migration and Education to give you the correct advice about your application for an Australian Visa, you must provide us with accurate information and any documents we request as soon as possible. If you are unable to provide a specific document to us, you must let us know as soon as possible so that alternative options can be determined. We will completely rely on any information you give us and will depend upon that information to be accurate, as this is your responsibility. All information provided to us by you, our client, must be reliable and exhaustive: this is to guarantee the accuracy of our advice to you.

The author of One Migration and Education’s website has taken all necessary steps to ensure its accuracy in content; however, this is not to be replaced with solely relying on the content of this site. One Migration and Education gives no warranty as to the specific content of this website. You agree that your reading and use of this website is at your sole discretion, and you agree that One Migration and Education has no responsibilities of the website, server, and email is free from any viruses or error of any kind.

One Migration and Education is not liable for any negative information or impairments of any type from the use of this website, which includes incidental, punitive, direct, indirect, and consequential damages.

The absolute liability of One Migration and Education and all employees, partners, and consultants is no more of any service provided to you. The client agrees to insure that One Migration and Education and all employees, partners, and consultants are against any liability incurred by any client in any connection to our services, except any liability which may arise from any negligence or default by any client.

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One Migration and Education must collect personal information from its clients, and this is to allow us to give you the correct and accurate advice when applying for an Australian Visa. All information is kept and stored safely by our company; every aspect of your personal information is kept completely confidential. Your information will be disclosed only to conduct business, to market our services, and to communicate with clients. Your information may be disclosed to comply with legal obligations and to be used for the attainment of your Visa.

One Migration and Education assists our clients in the attainment of the Visa that meets their needs. Visa types include:

  • Student Visa 
  • Skilled Independent Visa
  • Skilled Sponsored Visa
  • Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa
  • 457 Visa Australia – Business Visa
  • Employer Nominated Scheme
  • Working Holiday Visa