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One World Migration and Education is your premier source for Visa approval for you, our valued client. Our professional and exceptional service have a proven track record of delivering the utmost in dedicated service to you, our client, in getting the various types of Visa approvals. Our company is highly knowledgeable in the multitude of Visas, and we can help you in finding the right Visa for you, from Skilled Independent to Work Holiday. Unsure of what Visa you need? We are here to help. If you would like to visit, build a life, and have a successful career in Australia, we are here for you with certain loyalty and personal service. Our affordable, personalized options make One World Migration and Education stand above all other migration agents.
Getting the swift approval for your Visa is our principal purpose so you can move forward with your life goals in a confident manner. Our remarkable process is efficient and is backed by our guaranteed. Mrs. Daman Malik founded One Migration and Education to caringly and efficiently help others reach their life goals of attaining a Visa to Australia. With her extensive and current knowledge in the field of educational science and career opportunities, she has dedicated much of her career counseling others in the areas of education and future choices.

Mrs. Daman Malik has always been performance-driven to get real, meaningful results from her self and from those who wish to go after their goals and dreams. Creating One Migration and Education was her way of reaching out and helping those around the world who wish to travel, work, or live in the great country of Australia. She enjoys working alongside and supporting those from all cultures and personalities, and her caring personality shines through when she is assisting her diverse clients. Her remarkable and trusting techniques in assisting others to attain their type of Visa are individualized for each client, effective, efficient, and ease the stress on the clients who are going through the process.


If you have ever thought about traveling, living, or working in Australia, now may be the time for you. The economy of Australia offers many opportunities for lucrative careers in many facets of business, and the lifestyle provides many benefits for art lovers, outdoor adventurers, musicians, and restaurant enthusiasts for visitors.

Whichever Visa, from a skilled independent to working holiday, One Migration and Education can serve your needs if you are preparing to come to the great country of Australia. Our diligent and helpful staff can give you any information you need about careers, lifestyle, and climate the many cities in Australia, as well as assist you in achieving your Visa in the most practical and streamlined way possible.

One World Migration and Education is proud to be a remarkable team of professionals that has an outstanding reputation for providing caring, efficient, and highly efficient services to our clients. Our clients have a wide range of needs, and One World Migration and Education has the experience of managing a variety of Visa attainment situations. Our personalized service gives each client the individual advice he/she needs to reach his goals.

The benefits of hiring us for your Visa needs to include:

• Having registered and experienced immigration professionals by your side
• The high success rate of attaining Visas
• Free case assessment
• Efficiency in applying
• Rapid and accurate advice
• Having us by your side to get you where you want to be